Production Equipment

Northwest Rubber Company brought in 304 units of equipment for hose manufacturing. The following provides some examples:

Braiding machine: Mayer MR-15, MR-11, and Magnatech RB-2

Spiraling machine: OMEC and SEIJIN

Stranding machine: Rockwell, Mayer, and OMA

Cold feed extruders brought from Japan and British

Winding and unwrapping machine brought from Korea.

  • Braiding Machine

    Braiding Machine

  • Cold Feed Machine

    Cold Feed Machine

  • Tension Adjustment Machine

    Tension Adjustment Machine

  • Threading Machine

    Threading Machine

  • Winding & Unwrapping Machine

    Winding & Unwrapping Machine

  • Wire Machine

    Wire Machine

  • Wire Spiral Machine

    Wire Spiral Machine

  • Curing Machine

    Curing Machine